Summer Stakes Elite Embryo Sale
Held in conjunction with the Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes

Lot 16             Choice of 2 embryos out of Miss CCF
Sheza Bonnie or SVF Dillon Steel Magnolia
Junior Donor: Steven & Cindy Cooper
Buyer: Werning Cattle Co.
$1,000 each
Lot 17   Choice of 2 embryos out of  SFI Luvy Duvy or
SFI The Power of Love
Junior Donor: Shane & Shilo Schaake
Buyer: Taylor Cattle Co. LLC
$750 each
Lot 18             FC No Wonder Embryos
1 embryo per sire Upper Class & Shock Force
Junior Donor: Mitchell Tarr
Buyer: Gerdes Show Cattle
$350 each
Lot 19             KA Dreams Come True Embryos 
2 embryos by TLLC One Eyed Jack
Junior Donor: Koty Allen
Buyer: Helm Farms
$1,950 each
Lot 20             FBFS Yasmin Embryos
2 embryos by PVFS Madden
Junior Donor: Allyson Ottensmeir
Buyer: Hillcrest Farm
$500 each
Lot 21             MCLF/RP Loves to Smile Embryos
2 embryos by SS/PRS High Voltage
Junior Donor: Morgan Phillips
Buyer: Ivie & Sons Simmentals
$1,000 each
Lot 22             JS Untouchable Embryos 
3 embryos by Meyer Ranch 734
Junior Donor: Jordan Cowger
Buyer: Bill Graber
$350 each
Lot 23             TJ Miss Rachel Embryos
2 Embryos by Wide Range or Robust
Junior Donor: Paige Henderson
Buyer: Sand Point Cattle
$450 each
Lot 24             Bramlets Beautiful Embryos
2 embryos by JF Milestone
Junior Donor: Blake Bauer
Buyer: Bramlet Simmentals
$700 each
Lot 25             BPCC Bobbie Dillon Embryos
2 embryos by W/C Lock Down
Junior Donor: Chris Hart
Buyer: Werning Cattle Co.
$250 each
Lot 26             FBC Ms Tanqueray Embryos
2 embryos by HPF Quantum Leap
Junior Donor: Tanner Howey
Buyer: Owen Brothers Cattle Co.
$500 each
Lot 27             Hagans Eva Embryos
2 embryos by LMC Johnnie Walker
Junior Donor: Britt Larson
Buyer: Lamar Clanton
$100 each