Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Bruce Miller
Sale Staff: Shane Ryan
Ralph Means, The Weekly Livestock Reporter
Michael Sturgress, Southern Livestock Standard
Andee Marston, American Simmental Association

Special thanks to Stefan Marchman at the staff at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo for their hospitality and assistance with the
2014 National Simmental Show & Sale.

51 lots      averaged: $6,735

Lot 17   BPS Memphis Belle 209Z     $19,500
Sire: SAV Bismarck
Bred to: Mr. NLC Upgrade
Consignor: Brad Peterson Simmentals
Buyer: Twin Hills Cattle Co, OK

Lot 2A      THO/LTS Moco’s Elte 85A       $18,500
Sire: Mr. NLC Ugrade
Consignor: Lone Tree Simmentals
Buyer: Brad Fortune & Hotz Angus, IA
Lot 18     RP/MP Love Me More 086Z        $13,000
Sire: WAGR Driver
Consignor: Morgan Phillips & Jones Show Cattle
Buyer: Charlie Spencer, NE
Lot 23       BPS Snap To It 237Z            $12,500
Sire: SAV Bismarck
Consignor: Brad Peterson Simmentals
Buyer: Walter Ranch, OK
Lot 31     SCE Blaize A274          $11,500
Sire: Mr. NLC UpGrade
Consignor: Jay Anderson
Buyer: Pigeon Mountain Simmentals, GA
Lot 42      Conley VCLLKC Firefly 350A          $10,000
Sire: WS Pilgrim
Consignor: Kyle Conley
Buyer: Charlie Spencer, NE
Lot 50     FBFS Steel Force 122Z       $10,000
Sire: SVF Steel Force
Consignor: Foster Bros. Farms
Buyer: Seale Show Cattle, TX
Lot 8A     Smith MDM Look At Me       $10,000
Sire: Smith NU Wave II
Bred to: McCrary Smith Fortunate
Consignor: Smith Genetics & Behringer Select Farms
Buyer: Edward Hill & 7N Ranch
Lot 5       Ms TR Pandora 2770Z Flush     $10,000
Sire: WAGR Driver
Consignor: CK Cattle
Buyer: Hartman Cattle Company, NE
Lot 52       WF Re-Load A165        $9,800
Sire: GKS Re-Hab
Consignor: White Farms Generation 2, LLC
Buyer: 4 B Land & Cattle, IA
Lot 30     CAE Alia 123A        $9,000
Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
Consignor: Seale/Espanosa
Buyer: Cedar Lane Cattle, TN
Lot 44     Zena’s At A Girl A407     $8,000
Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
Consignor: Whitney Goodwin
Buyer: James Walters, TX
Lot 19      SNF Current Beauty Z-11      $6,800
Sire: SS/PRS High Voltage
Bred to: Wheel Man
Consignor: Silent Night Farms at Cross Creek
Buyer: Tom Vary, IL
Lot 51      MSC Pork Chop A330 SJW        $6,700
Sire: ZKCC Chopper
Consignor: Mark Morimodo
Buyer: Patricia Moore, OK
Lot 15      MAC/CMFM Bandy Maid 243Z        $6,000
Sire: JF Milestone
Consignor: MAC Cattle & Circle M Farms
Buyer: Edward Hill, TX
Lot 35     SNF Prima Donna A100          $6,000
Sire: SS/PRS High Voltage
Consignor: Silent Night Farms at Cross Creek
Buyer: Hart Farms, SD
Lot 7      Pick of Fall 2013 Calves          $6,000
Consignor: 7P Ranch
Buyer: Hidden Oaks Cattle, TX

Lot 3    KenCo Steel Magnolia Flush    $5,750
Sire: SVF Steel Force
Consignor: Silent Night Farms at Cross Creek
Buyer: SunnyView Farms, IL


Lot 49   Steel N U R Love Embryos    $5,700
Sire: Sandeen Upper Class
Consignor: Nickel N Dime, Chris Hart, & Shipwreck Cattle Co
Buyer: Ethan Wood, TX


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