Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Jered Shipman
Sale Staff: Jack Hedrick
Shane Ryan
Andee Marston, ASA Representative

Simmental breeders gathered in Auburn to celebrate the 10th anniversary Family Traditions on a beautiful April Saturday. The green runs set the perfect canvas for the cattle to be displayed upon. Cattle and Simmental genetics sold to 15 states including: IN, MS, KY, NE, OH, IL, TN, OR, UT, GA, NC, IA, MO, AL, WV.

79 lots            Averaged: $4,639

Lot 8          HPF Miss Knockout X071      $25,000
Sire: SVF Steel Force
Bull calf by: HTP SVF Packin Heat
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals & Hudson Pines
Buyer: Trennepohl Farms, IN
Lot 1        HTP BT SVF Sazerac T99        $24,000
Sire: SVF/NJC Built Right
Consignor: Sunset View Farms & 3M Simmentals
Buyer: Fenton Farms, MS
Lot 6         HTP SVF Star of Jade    $ 19,000
Sire: SVF Star Power
Bred to: LMF Movin Forward
Consignor: HTP Simmentals & Sunset View Farms
Buyer: Hammer Head Cattle Co., KY
Lot 10      LFI Star Gazer A810    $15,000
Sire: BC Lookout
Consignor: Loschen Farms
Buyer: Knapper Cattle Co., IN
Lot 2         SVF/3M Sazerac A34       $11,000
Sire: SVF Star Player
Consignor: Sunset View Farm & 3M Simmentals
Buyer: Bill Sloup, NE
Lot 4           CLRWTR Queen Z A94A       $9,000
Sire: SVF Star Player
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Rolling Hills Farm Simmentals & Gary Short, OH
Lot 73         CLRWTR Mamacita Z110G      $8,750
Sire: CLRWTR Shock Force
Heifer Calf by: Dameron Northern Lights
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Rolling Hills/Jason Black, OH
Lot 21      SVF Expectation A605          $8,500
Sire: SVF Allegiance
Consignor: Sunset View Farms
Buyer: Top Hat Farms, UT
Lot 8B        HF Serena Embryos       $6,900
Sire: HOC Broker
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Matthew Walter, IN
Lot 11B       LFI Movie Star A806       $6,750
Sire: LMF Movin Forward
Consignor: Loschen Farms
Buyer: Vanessa Brazelton, TN
Lot 28B    CLRWTR Joys Shades Pregnancy       $6,600
Sire: Hooks Shear Force
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Misty Meadow Simmentals, KY
Lot 81       MLF Miss S717          $6,500
Sire: COTT-GFI Fullback 0038N
Bull calf by: LMF Movin Forward
Consignor: Sunset View Farms
Buyer: Darryl Wentland, OR
Lot 79       Simme Valley Ultima      $6,250
Sire: Circle T Antoinettes Star
Bull calf by: W/C United
Consignor: Clear Water, HTP, and Sunset View
Buyer: Sloup Simmentals & Haley Farms, NE
Lot 28A     CLRWTR Joys Shades         $5,700
Sire: DDA Dameron Northern Light
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Long Ridge Farm, KY
Lot 27     CLRWTR Joys Expression       $5,000
Sire: BC Lookout
Bred to: HTP SVF In Dew Time
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Summerville Family Farms, GA

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