Sale Mangement: DP Sales Mgt.
Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell
Sale Staff: Tom Rooney, Midwest Marketer
Delvin Helderman
Dick Carmichael
Don Guthridge, Jon Janssen, Drew Hatmaker, Shawn McIntosh

The end of the Thanksgiving weekend always come to a close with a spectacular set of Simmental cattle at The Chosen Few at Janssen Farms. Over the years this has become the place for one of the best selections of open heifers. There was definitely a lot to be thankful for in Gilmore City, Iowa!

72 Lots                       Averaged $5, 896

Lot 2               JF Back in Black                              $60,000
                        Sire: STF Royal Affair
                        Buyer: The Back in Black Group
                        Gonsior Simmentals
                        Dr. Al Van Engen
                        Pendl Simmentals
                        H&H Simmentals
                        New Trend Cattle Co.
                        Black River Simmentals
No Photo Lot 72             SAV Blackcap May 8194                   $50,000
                        Sire: SAV 8180 Traveler 004
                        Bred to: SAV Cinch
                        Buyer: Voss Cattle Co.
Lot 1               JF Perfection 418B                            $20,000
                        Sire: STF Royal Affair
                        Buyer: Guthridge Farms & Pendl Simmentals
Lot 4               JF Ebonys Joy 427B                          $11,000
                        Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
                        Buyer: Hudson Pines Farm
Lot 15             JF Ebonys Joy 402B                          $10,500
                        Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
                        Buyer: Baring Cattle Company
Lot 55             JF Lady 3162A                                   $10,000
                        Sire: JF New Trend
                        Bred to: RB/HPF Expedition
                        Buyer: Brent Hall
Lot 13             JF Ebony’s Joy 4204B                       $10,000
                        Sire: LLSF Uprising
                        Buyer: Triple Rose & Arkacy
Lot 53             JF Lady 865U                                     $9,500
                        Sire: WSJ Encoire
                        Bred to: OSU Cowboy Up
                        Buyer: Richard Jenkins
Lot 62             JF Latisha 3233A                               $9,000
                        Sire: Ruby NFF Excalibur
                        Bred to: SVF NJC Built Right
                        Buyer: Blake Hoefling
Lot 6               JF Ebony’s Joy 4408B                       $7,500
                        Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
                        Buyer: Tessa Pederson
Lot 28             JF Latisha 4202B                               $7,000
                        Sire: WS A Step Up
                        Buyer: North Star Genetics
Lot 16             JF Ebony’s Joy 401B                         $7,000
                        Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
                        Buyer: Triple Rose & Arkacy
Lot 27             JF Latisha 4149B                               $6,500
                        Sire: R&R Chamberlain
                        Buyer: Rolling Rock Farm
Lot 7               JF/VEF Ebonys Joy 38B                     $6,000
                        Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
                        Buyer: Todd Wiley
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