Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Eddie Burks
Sale Staff: Tommy Carper
Tim Dietrich
Steve Sellers, EDJE Technologies
Tim Jeffries
Keith Jeffries
DV Auction: Sydney Kay

Sponsored by: Farm Credit Mid-America, Kentucky Farm Bureau, Kentucky Department of Agriculture

Cattle sold to: KY, IN, OH,

  High Selling Lot:
Lot 102                                                                       $3,150
Consignor: Morehead State University
Buyer: Scott Riddell
  Champion Commercial Open Heifers:
Lots 155, 156                                                            $2,175
Consignor: Hammerhead Cattle Co.
Buyer: Jack Debord
            Donald Tarter
  Reserve Commercial Open Heifers:
            Lots 163, 164, 165                                        $3,675
            Consignor: Stamper Farms
            Buyer: Donald Hayes
  Commercial Fall Bred Heifers:
            Lots 166, 167                                                            $4,800
            Consignor: Jennings Farm
            Buyer: Glenn Redmon
  Reserve Commercial Fall Bred Heifers:
            Lots 170,171, 272                                         $4,500
            Consignor: Fourth Quarter Ranch
            Buyer: Robert Ice
  Champion Commercial Spring Bred Heifers:
            Lots 185,186                                                 $3,850
            Consignor: Kopp Land & Livestock
            Buyer: Donald Tarter
  Reserve Commercial Spring Bred Heifers:
            Lots 195,196,197                                          $4,850
            Consignor: Buckner & Jeffries
            Buyer: Jacob Miller
                        Kerry Lawrence
  Champion Commercial Cow/Calf Pair:
            Lots 198,199                                                 $4,350
            Consignor: Jennings Farm
  Reserve Champion Cow/Calf Pair:
            Lots 202,203,204                                          $6,150
            Consignor: Bandy Acres
            Buyer: Sam Lawson
  Registered Open Heifers:
            Lots 100, 101                                                            $3,500
            Consignor: Morehead State University
            Buyer: Jon Trapp
                        Tim Fraime
  Reserve Registered Opens:
            Lots 117,118, 119                                         $4,650
            Consignor: West Virginia State University
            Buyer: Reno Runck, OH
  Registered Fall Bred Heifers:
            Lots 129, 130                                                            $4,900
            Consignor: Neal Bros. Simmentals
            Buyer: Kyndall Williams
                        Glenn Redmon
  Reserve Registered Fall Breds:
            Lots 131,132                                                 $3,600
            Consignor: Akers Farm
            Buyer: Jeff Stenftenagel
                        Billy Taylor
  Registered Spring Bred Heifers:
            Lots 142, 143                                                            $3,750
            Consignor: Neal Bros. Simmentals
            Buyer: Frazier Kerarns
                        Donald Tarter
  Reserve Spring Heifers:
            Lots 138, 139                                                            $3,600
            Consignor: Four Star N Cattle Company
            Buyer: Robert Melloan

Special thanks to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture for allowing us to be apart of the 15th Annual Pen Show and Sale! We look forward to the future!


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