Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Ron Kreis
Sale Staff: Steve Sellers, EDJE Technologies
Tommy Carper
Shane Ryan
Sale Consultants: Dalton Lundy
Drew Hatmaker, DP Sales
Sale Chairman: Pam Haley
Sale Sponsored by: Ohio Simmental Association
Live Auctions: Margo Paeltz & Mackenzie Dorsey

The Simmental sale was a highlight at the Ohio Beef Expo with over 200 registered bidders from the U.S. and Canada.  The stands were packed and the genetics were powerful selling at the 42nd annual Eastern Spring Classic. Cattle and genetic lots sold to 15 states including: OH, ME, KY, TX, NE, IN, WV, IL, PA, MO, SD, MS, WY, LA, MD.

70 lots                        Averaged: $2,985

High Selling Lots included:  
Lot 9               SBS/SVJ/DD Drive Right Y117                 $11,000
                        Sire: WAGR Driver
                        Bred to: Adkins/Lazy H Blk Star
                        Consignor: SVJ Farms & SBS Simmentals
                        Buyer: W&E Simmentals, PA
Lot 10             Cherokee Burning Dew                     $6,700
                        Sire: Leachman Saugahatchee
                        Bred to: Remington Lock n Load
                        Consignor: Lazy H Farm
                        Buyer: Skymile Farms, PA
Lot 5               CSCX Obession 462Z                      $5,500
                        Sire: HTP SVF In Dew Time
                        Consignor: Campbell Show Calves
                        Buyer: Matt Jamison, WY
Lot 3               M-R After Shock 207Z                  $4,750
                        Sire: JS Sure Bet
                        Consignor: Missing Rail Simmentals
                        Buyer: Kaylea Post, PA
Lot 36             Ms MLH Voluptuous 650Z                  $4,500
                        Sire: HTP SVF In Dew Time
                        Consignor: Roy Canada
                        Buyer: Loschen Farms, IL
Lot 63             SMV Coal Train                    $4,200
                        Sire: SMV Hummers Legacy
                        Consignor: Smokey Valley Farm
                        Buyer: Todd Shearer, PA
Lot 4               CSCX Storm Warning 461Y         $4,100
                        Sire: HTP SVF In Dew Time
                        Consignor: Campbell Show Calves
                        Buyer: Circle M Farm, TX
Lot 14             Ms MLH Starstruck 482Z            $4,000
                        Sire: LBS The Foreman
                        Consignor: Roy Canada
                        Buyer: JRW, LLC
Lot 1               M-R Perfects Secret 11X              $4,000
                        Sire: Wheatland Bull 680S
                        Bred to: W1545 HR
                        Consignor: Missing Rail Simmentals
                        Buyer: Todd Shearer, PA
Lot 29B          B Curlys Wonder               $4,000
                        Sire: LMF Movin Forward
                        Consignor: Brady Clemens
                        Buyer: Stacie Lahna, OH
Lot 2               M-R Fascination Z220                $4,000
                        Sire: Wheatland Bull 468P
                        Consignor: Missing Rail Simmentals
                        Buyer: Circle H Simmental, SD
Lot 73             Halls T-Style Y67              $4,000
                        Sire: Silveiras Style
                        Consignor: Hall’s Simmental
                        Buyer: Essman Simmentals, OH
Lot 24             Magnetic Lady Embryos               $3,500
                        Sire: SS Goldmine
                        Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
                        Buyer: Herman Schwantz, IL
Lot 59             RRFF First Class Upgrade          $3,500
                        Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
                        Consignor: Ruffing Family Farm
                        Buyer: Lawrence Pierqallinia, OH
Lot 57             Besh Boilermaker ZT8                  $3,500
                        Sire: Wheatland Stout 930W          
                        Consignor: Beshears Simmentals
                        Buyer: Amy McGee, ME

Lot 17            SVS Starlight Embryos                          $4,950
                        Sire: Yardleys High Regard
                       Consignor: Kerry Lawrence
                       Buyer: DJ Show Cattle, OH

Lot 28         KA TCF Independence & TCF Girlfriend Embryos  $4,500
                      Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
                       Consignor: Windy Ridge Simmentals     
                       Buyers: Rafter RS Cattle, PA
                       Gateway Genetics, NE
Lot 41             Z13                                             $4,100
                        Sire: GWS Ebonys Trademark
                        Consignor: Matt Koverman
                        Buyer: Gonsior Simmental, NE

Special thanks to the Ohio Junior Simmental Association for their purchase of the donation lot, The Glory Bound print for $2,000. It was then resold and went to Heil Farms for $300. Thank you to both parties for supporting the AJSA National Classic to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska this July.

Sale Manager  
Sale Managed by
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
(423) 506-8844
153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361
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