Sale Manager: DP Sales Management, LLC
Auctioneer: Ron Kreis
Sale Staff: Shane Ryan, Tyler Humphrey & Andee Marston
Sale Consultant: Dalton Lundy

66 lots averaged $3,964

Cattle and genetics sold to 13 states including: AR, CT, GA, IL, IN, KY, MN, NE, OH, OK, PA, TN, and WV.

High Selling Females Included:
Lot 20             TJSC Kansa 68B          $11,000
Sire: TJSC Optimus Prime
Consignor: Jones Show Cattle
Buyer: Scott Sanders, OH
Lot 19             MRH Ruby Two           $9,000
Sire: SS/PRS Tailgater
Consignor: Hunt Farms
Buyer: Deborah Arbucci, CT
Lot 18             Nickles Beauty 308B           $5,000
Sire: TJ Sharper Image
Consignor: Wooden Nickel Farms
Buyer: Grace Erb, OH
Lot 10             DSC Bella 63Y                         $4,900
Sire: SAV Bismarck
Consignor: Rachel Dickson
Buyer: Tricha Rice, WV
Lot 24A          DSC Miss Benz 52B           $4,900
Sire: Mercedes Benz
Consignor: Rachel Dickson
Buyer: Dale Bond, OH
Lot 43             RHFS Star A90H             $4,750
Sire: RHFS Upscale
Bred to: Yardley High Regard
Consignor: Ferguson Show Cattle
Buyer: Joseph Cook, WV
Lot 33             FSC1 Michelle B448           $4,650
Sire: W/C Catchin A Dream
Consignor: Ferguson Show Cattle
Buyer: Stan Robb, IL
Lot 6               Prestige/GSC Classy Lady                                                    $4,500
Sire: TLLC One Eyed Jack
Consignor: Prestige & Goff Cattle
Buyer: William Gore, OH
Lot 14             RRFF Sweet Heart            $4,400
Sire: SS/PRS Tail Gater
Consignor: Ruffing Family Farm
Buyer: Richard Theaker, OH
Lot 37             Halls All Dream B07         $4,400
Sire: Lazy H Deadline
Consignor: Hall’s Simmentals
Buyer: Storey Farms, OH
High Selling Bulls Included:
Lot 50             Halls Confidence A30          $10,500
Sire: Connealy Confidence 0100
Consignor: Halls Simmentals
Buyer: Mark Hillbrands, MN
Lot 47             B Mr Delight          $8,000
Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
Consignor: Brady Clemens
Buyer: James Gifford, OH
Lot 59             Sited in B011          $7,000
Sire: Remington Lock N Load
Consignor: Dave O’Brenovich & Matt Reed
Buyer: Dean Volk, NE
Lot 57             RRFF Swagger      $7,000
Sire: Hooks Shear Force
Consignor: Ruffing Family Farm
Buyer: James Gifford, OH
Lot 48             Lazy H Mr. I-77 A302       $6,400
Sire: CNS Dream On
Consignor: Ferguson Show Cattle
Buyer: James Gifford, OH
Lot 45             Raisin Cain’s A521    $6,000
Sire: Gibbs 0601X RasinCain
Consignor: Echo Hills Farm
Buyer: Darrell Weisend, OH
Lot 7               Prestige/GSC World Wide    $6,000
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Consignor: Prestige Cattle & Goff Show Cattle
Buyer: Terry Oliver, OK
Lot 58             Nickles Ideal Image 223B        $6,000
Sire: TJ Sharper Image
Consignor: Wooden Nickel Farms
Buyer: J&K Gott Farms
Lot 54             PRFW Diva’s Demon              $5,000
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Consignor: Kameron Wise
Buyer: Boitnott Family Cattle, IL
Lot 52             M-R Love Affair 716B          $4,500
Sire: STF Royal Affair
Consignor: Missing Rail Simmentals
Buyer: Mike Smith, OH
Lot 56             SBS Dynamic        $4,500
Sire: STF Elan
Consignor: Strausbaugh’s Farms
Buyer: James Gifford, OH
Lot 60             E&D Lincoln         $4,100
Sire: Nichols Manifest
Consignor: Erv-N-Del Farms
Buyer: Jack Wesley, IN
High Selling Embryos:
Lot 39B          SVF/NJC Magnetic Lady M25 Embryos ($1400 ea)      $4,200
Sire: Sandeen Upper Class
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
Buyer: Clint Nielsen, NE

A big thank you to the Ohio Simmental Association and it’s board of Directors for always
making this one of the top spring Simmental events!

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