Sales Management:
DP Sales Management, LLC
Auctioneer: Ron Kreis
Sale Staff: Shane Ryan, Tyler Humphrey, Marshal Tingle
Sale Consultant: Dalton Lundy
Sale Chair: Pam Haley

The Eastern Spring Simmental Classic is always a highlight of the Ohio Beef Expo. The expo is a very well attended event, and the Simmental sale is always one of the most successful sales over all breeds. More than 250 buyers registered to bid on Simmental genetics! Buyers represented 13 states.

88 lots                        averaged: 3,494

High Selling Lots included:    
Lot 25             DSC Dandy’s Legacy 52C                             $9,500
Sire: SS/PRS Tail Gater 621Z
Consignor: Rachel Dickson
Buyer: Robert Dyer, OH
Lot 63             WSS Dynamite B04                                       $8,500
Sire: FBF1 Combustible
Consignor: Wise’s Show Stock
Buyer: Terry Oliver, OK
Lot 1               STF Brianna BN53 Flush                              $7,500
Consignor: Missing Rail Simmentals
Buyer: Elmore Cattle Co., OK
Lot 46             GREE HF WF Keepsake 194                                    $6,500
Sire: HPF Quantum Leap
Consignor: Greenhorn & Hamilton
Buyer: Ashorn Simmentals, TX
Lot 53             HEIL Ms Jade Star B950                               $6,250
Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
Bred to: One Eyed Jack
Consignor: Heil Farms
Buyer: Madison Young, OH
Lot 67             DAG Bottoms Up                                           $6,100
Sire: FBF1 Combustible
Consignor: Dale Gard
Buyer: Augustus Simmentals, OH
Lot 60             PRFW Diva’s Duracell 404B                                    $6,000
Sire: HTP SVF Duracell
Consignor: Wise Pine Ridge Farm
Lot 51             FSC1 Shelby Right                                         $6,000
Sire: SVF/NJC Built Right
Bred to: One Eyed Jack
Consignor: Ferguson Show Cattle
Buyer: Sarah Imhoff, OH
Lot 56             HEIL Fancy Girl B725                                   $5,900
Sire: K-LER Make it Rain
Consignor: Heil Farms/Double R Simmentals
Buyer: Cory Evans, OH
Lot 83             FEN Titanium 7432                           $5,500
Sire: TJSC Optimus Prime
Consignor: Fenning Show Cattle
Buyer: Martin Winkler, OH
Lot 59             M –R Snowfire 401B                         $5,500
Sire: JS Sure Bet
Bull calf by: New Direction
Consignor: Missing Rail Simmentals
Buyer: Josh Robinson, OH
Lot 52             HS Starstruck B95W                         $5,400
Sire: SS/PRS Gunslinger
Bred to: FSCI Mr Macho
Consignor: Ferguson Show Cattle
Buyer: David Graham, OH


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