Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Ron Kreis
Sale Staff: Shane Ryan, Darby Walton, and Ryan LePage
Sale Chairman: Christina Fisher and Pam Haley

83 lots                                     Averaged: $3,966

High Selling lots included:    
Lot 54                          WCCO Miss Lily                                  $20,000
Sire: 321A
Bred to: Slider
Consignor: Woodard Cattle Co/West Livestock
Buyer: Richard Young, OH
Lot 77                          Longs Jerrin                                         $14,750
Sire: TLLC One Eyed Jack
Consignor: Long Simmentals & Grand View Cattle
Buyer: Phil Lautner, IA
Lot 3                            SSC Secret Society 22D                     $13,000
Sire: WLE Uno Mas
Consignor: Mast Simmentals
Buyer: Oak Farms, MS
Lot 85                          YNOT 4C Tundra 6D18                        $9,500
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Consignor: Y-Not Cattle
Buyer: Tracy Jennings, FL
Lot 66                          Maplecrest Broker 549C                    $9,000
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Consignor: Maplecrest Farms
Buyer: Richard Young, OH
Lot 22                          RSTR Valentine 214D                        $7,500
Sire: CSCX Bandwagon 513A
Consignor: R Star Livestock
Buyer: Samuel Laird, PA
Lot 6                            YNOT Dreams Alibi 4D                       $7,000
Sire: TJSC 152A
Consignor: Y-Not Cattle
Buyer: Courtney Pittman, OH
Lot 82                          DRBK/SHCC Captains Star                  $6,250
Sire: Yardley High Regard
Consignor: Drobezko Show Cattle
Buyer: Michael Ramsden, OH
Lot 30                          Besh Ms Lover Girl D57                      $5,600
Sire: LLSF Uprising
Consignor: Beshears Simmentals
Buyer: Double J Ranch, WI
Lot 72                          Halls Goldmine D08                            $5,500
Sire: SS Goldmine
Consignor: Halls Simmentals
Buyer: Samuel Burkhart, OH
Lot 74                          M-R Firemarker 707D                           $5,000
Sire: WS Prime Beef
Consignor: Missing Rail Simmentals
Buyer: W&E Simmentals, PA
Lot 1                            LLSF Neon Ray Flush                           $5,000
Sire: Triple C El Ponderoso Ray
Consignor: Ferguson Show Cattle
Buyer: Mast Simmentals, OH
Lot 9                            TJSC/MCCF So Sweet 154D                 $5,000
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Consignor: Jones Show Cattle
Buyer: CJ Brown, IL

Special thanks to the Ohio Simmental Association and the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association for their support of this great event!

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