Hosted by: Kopp Land & Livestock
Sales Manager: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Dean Brown, Ohio
Sales Consultant: Stock Options Marketing, Kevin M

Another exceptional set of cattle we assembled by Kopp Land & Livestock along with Campbell Co, Brian Cumming and Mark Bihl. This annual event is always on the Christmas wish list of many. Cattle and frozen genetics sold to 8 states including: OH, IN, TX, IA, MD, PA, WV and KY.

85 lots averaged $3438

High Selling Lots:    
Lot 42             Bihl Donor 1                                      $11,000
                        Sire: Get It Done
                        Bred to: Unstoppable
                        Consignor: Mark Bihl
                        Buyer: Larry Simmons, OH
Lot 41             Cummings Donor 69                                    $8,500
                        Sire: Rowe Peerless
                        Bred to: Monopoly 4
                        Consignor: Brian Cummings
                        Buyer: Larry Simmons, OH
Lot 1               Miss Kopp 237                                  $8,000
                        Sire: GF Maximus
                        Bred to: GOET I-80
                        Consignor: Kopp Land & Livestock
                        Buyer: Brandon Bird, TX
Lot 66             Miss Kopp 069                                  $7,750
                        Sire: Kopp’s Dr. Ali
                        Bred to: Werewolf
                        Consignor: Kopp Land & Livestock
                        Buyer: Wesley Paul, IA
Lot 52             Campbellco 772                                $6,000
                        Sire: Gold Nugget
                        Bred to: Choppin Wood
                        Consignor: Campbellco
                        Buyer: Kirk Forsythe, OH
Lot 57             Campbellco 196                                $6,000
                        Sire:  JH 005
                        Bred to: Monopoly II
                        Consignor: Campbellco
                        Buyer: Aaron Drake, OH
Lot 2               Miss Campbell 194                            $5,750
                        Sire: OCC Legend
                        Bred to: Who Made Who
                        Consignor: Larry Campbell
                        Buyer: John Workman, OH
Lot 44             Campbellco Jolene                            $5,750
                        Sire: Monopoly
                        Bred to: GOET I-80
                        Consignor: Campbellco
                        Buyer: Jason Shatto, OH
Lot 59             Campbellco W766                             $5,500
                        Sire: Gold Nugget
                        Bred to: One & Only
                        Consignor: Campbellco
                        Buyer: Koverman Show Cattle, OH
Lot 67             NS 966 R Karen 907                         $5,500
                        Sire: KJ 2403 Recruit
                        Bred to: TFR Cyrus
                        Consignor: Kopp Land & Livestock
                        Buyer: Ralph Hale, TX
Lot 58             Campbellco 860                                $5,000
                        Sire: My Turn
                        Bred to: Ready 2 Rumble
                        Consignor: Campbellco       
                        Buyer: Brian Witt, OH
Lot 54             Campbellco 1011                              $5,000
                        Sire: Harry Bear
                        Bred to: Choppin Wood
                        Consignor: Campbellco
                        Buyer: Don Myers, OH
Lot 45             Campbellco 1159                              $5,000
                        Sire: Cowman’s Ali
                        Bred to: Monopoly Money Son
                        Consignor: Campbellco
                        Buyer: Delbert Kramer, IN
Lot 51             Campbellco 1029                              $4,500
                        Sire: Smooth Sailing
                        Bred to: Monopoly Money
                        Consignor: Campbellco
                        Buyer: Phillip Weaver, IN

Lot 6               Miss Kopp 298                                  $4,500
                        Sire: Kopp Meyer
                        Bred to: GOET I-80
                        Consignor: Kopp Land & Livestock
                        Buyer: George Abell, MD

We look forward to seeing everyone December 20, 2014 for the Season Finale XII



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