Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
Auctioneer: John Spiker
Sale Staff: Steve Sellers, EDJE Technologies
Smith Reasor
Hunter Chapman, ASA Representative
Sale Consultants: Charlie Thomas, Smith Reasor
Drew Hatmaker, DP Sales
Cow Buyer Representative: Aaron Tompkins

Cattle & Genetics sold to 16 states including: VA, TN, MD, IL, MI, WV, NC, NY, AR, KY, MS, OH, WI, IN, MO and PA.

51 Lots Averaged $2806

High Selling Lots Included:    
Lot 33             PVSM Pocahontas                             $10,000
                        Sire: Ellingson Legacy M229
                        Calf Sire: Hoover Dam
                        Consignor: Powell’s Valley Simmentals
                        Buyer: W&E Simmental’s, PA
Lot 1B             JM BF H25 Embryos                         $5,850
                        Sire: FBFS Wheelman          
                        Consignor: Mike Walters
                        Buyer: Shoal Creek Land & Cattle LLC, MO
Lot 14             VPI Polly Anna Z271                         $5,000
                        Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
                        Consignor: Virginia Tech Beef Center
                        Buyer: Larry Hoover, WV
Lot 11 A&C    Ebony’s Black Rose Embryos          $4,775
                        Sire: HC Power Drive
                        Consignor: Sloup & Snider Simmentals
                        Buyers: Brady Klatt & Neil Marshall
Lot 46             VPI Excel Z259                                  $4,200
                        Sire: Welsh’s Dew It Right
                        Consignor: Virginia Tech Beef Center
                        Buyer: Eggersman Brothers, IN
Lot 5               SVS Liberty ZL7F                              $3,900
                        Sire: SRS Right On 22R
                        Consignor: Shenandoah Valley Simmentals
                        Buyer: Joe Fritsch, KY
Lot 40             3ADH Ms Lil Thunder T43              $3,300
                        Sire: CNS Dream On L186
                        Calf Sire: GW Lucky Break
                        Consignor: Heishman Cattle Co.
                        Buyer: Midkiff Simmental Farm, VA
Lot 4B             SVS Starlight Embryos                      $3,250
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force S701
                        Consignor: Kerry Lawrence
                        Buyer: Casey Buzzard, OH
Lot 43             SVS Rio ZTM2                                                $3,200           
                        Sire: SAV Final Answer
                        Consignor: Shenandoah Valley Simmentals
                        Buyer: John Koontz, VA
Lot 6               HPF Ms Melody X309 Embryos       $3,125
                        Sire: JF Milestone & Hart The Factor
                        Consignor: Heishman Cattle Co.
                        Buyer: The Bunal Farm & Jeff Broadaway
Lot 25             SVJ Ladys Mark Y512                       $3,100
                        Sire: D&D High Mark
                        Consignor: SVJ Farm
                        Buyer: Kenneth Poole, MD
Lot 45             BV Fatt Butt                                       $3,100
                        Sire: Flying B Cat Above
                        Consignor: Buena Vista Simmentals
                        Buyer: John Pearman, NC
Lot 1A             JM Steel My Heart Embryos             $3,000
                        Sire: SS/PRS Gunslinger
                        Consignor: Happy 6 Simmentals
                        Buyer: Three Trees Farm, KY
Lot 47             Deer Creek Zach Z2                          $3,000
                        Sire: Rito Tremendous OV-42
                        Consignor: Deer Creek Farm
                        Buyer: Ellis Martin, WV

Lot 12             BV Handy 1Z                                     $2,800
                        Sire: Sand Ranch Hand
                        Consignor: Buena Vista Simmentals
                        Buyer: Chasecole Livestock, NC

Sale Manager  
Sale Managed by
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
(423) 506-8844
153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361
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