Auctioneer: Tracy Harl
Sale Staff: DP Sales Management
Shane Ryan
Curtis Cox
DV Auction: Becky Rennart

It is always nice to step away from the National Western Stock Show to enjoy some hospitality and Simmental cattle away from the city. This year we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Wild Wild West Sale with buyers who are celebrating their purchases from the first sale still in  production!

64 lots                                    Averaged: $3,512

Cattle and genetics sold to 14 states: KS, NE, IA, MT, OK, TN, MN, CO, MO, ND, SD, GA, UT, WY, and Australia

Lot 51                         AHLB Candice 565C                          $11,000
                                    Sire: Mr HOC Broker
                                    Consignor: Alhberg Cattle
                                    Buyer: Chad Brummer, KS
Lot 53                         AHLB Chloe 505C                             $8,500
                                    Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
                                    Consignor: Alhberg Cattle
                                    Buyer: Don Esch, NE
Lot 7                           ASR Rem Josie B487                         $7,000
                                    Sire: W/C Wide Track
                                    Bred to: ASR Augustus
                                    Consignor: Altenburg Super Baldy
                                    Buyer: Kaemingk Feedlot, IA
Lot 58                         SVS Preslee C401                              $6,800
                                    Sire: Mr HOC Broker
                                    Consignor: St Vrain Simmentals
                                    Buyer: Catherine Callantine, MT
Lot 2A                         ASR Little Dessi C536                       $6,500
                                    Sire: W/C Wide Track
                                    Consignor: Altenburg Super Baldy
                                    Buyer: Alliance Simmental, Australia
Lot 52                         AHLB Caitlyn 532C                           $6,000
                                    Sire: WS Beef Maker
                                    Consignor: Alhberg Cattle
                                    Buyer: Nichols Peery, OK
Lot 54                         AHLB Cleo 542C                                $5,400
                                    Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
                                    Consignor: Alhberg Cattle
                                    Buyer: Tylertown Simmental, TN
Lot 49                         AHLB Cortney 533C                         $5,000
                                    Sire: Hooks Shear Force
                                    Consignor: Alhberg Cattle
                                    Buyer: Jared Seinola, MN
Lot 30                         Bridle Bit Miss B448                         $4,900
                                    Sire: HTP SVF In Dew Time
                                    Bred to: Hoover Dam
                                    Consignor: Bridle Bit Simmentals
                                    Buyer: Alhberg Cattle, CO
Lot 59                         Ms MCC Supermama 5075C                        $4,750
                                    Sire: MCM Top Grade
                                    Consignor: Marshall Cattle Co
                                    Buyer: Derek Schrader, KS
Lot 50                         AHLB Cheryl 522C                            $4,750
                                    Sire: Ellingson Legacy M229
                                    Consignor: Alhberg Cattle
                                    Buyer: Don Esch, NE
Lot 46                         Oval F Brea B459                              $4,500
                                    Sire: Oval F Cool Dude
                                    Bred to: LMF Revenue
                                    Consignor: Oval F Ranch
                                    Buyer: Eddie Rogers, MO
Lot 6                           ASR Ms Super Baldy B4142             $4,500
                                    Sire: ASR Bando 9074 T763
                                    Bred to: Top Grade
                                    Consignor: Altenburg Super Baldy
                                    Buyer: Clay Kaelberer, ND  
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